Robyn Brass - Relationship Counselling - Internet Counselling - Sydney Australia
Robyn Brass Counselling

The focus of Robyn’s counselling services is to help you regain control over your life and to discover a sense of peace.

You will learn new ways to communicate your needs and your understanding of others.

  • Recognise and uncover your personal strengths

  • Develop a positive approach to life

  • Deal with anger, frustration, fear, panic, indecision and hurt

  • Enjoy life through newfound self confidence

What counselling can do for your relationship

Robyn will work with you and your partner to help resolve long standing issues through better communication and to revitalise your relationship

Counselling can provide a neutral zone for open discussion as well as a learning environment for:

  • Better listening and expression of thoughts and needs

  • Finding respect, warmth and a confident future together

  • Creating safety zones in your relationship where anything can be discussed

  • Defining what’s important for you as individuals and  partners

  • Rediscovering intimacy

What counselling can do for your family

Robyn works with families to identify the needs of the individuals and the family unit to bring about mutual respect and the creation of a warm, supportive environment.

Counselling can involve:

  • Communication issues, being heard without yelling

  • Dealing with anger, resolving conflict and sibling rivalry

  • Understanding your teenager

  • Setting limits and individual responsibilities

  • Teaching parenting skills and understanding the influence  of role modelling

  • Dealing with marriage breakdowns

  • Grief counselling

  • Building self esteem