Robyn Brass - Relationship Counselling - Internet Counselling - Sydney Australia

Robyn conducts sessions not only from her practices in Chatswood, but also by email, Skype or over the phone.

You may already have met with Robyn and wish to maintain access to her advice to assure yourself that you are continuing in the right direction. Equally, it may be more convenient, or you may feel more comfortable, to conduct your sessions 'over the wire'.

Call or email Robyn now to discuss how she can help you.

Counselling sessions are available to you by email, skype or over the phone.

You may wish to conduct your sessions by one of these means for time and geographic convenience, or because you feel more comfortable.

Email & skype work particularly well with children and teenagers who are at ease with electronic communications.

On-line counselling also allows you to save the session 'conversation' for later reflection.

Please ensure that your return email address is secure and private enough for you to feel comfortable in receiving personal, confidential information.

Call Robyn direct now on 0402754674 or email to discuss how she can help you.

Once it has been established which mode, or combination of phone and on-line counselling, will work best for you, then a payment and session schedule can be confirmed. Payment is required in advance.