Robyn Brass - Relationship Counselling - Internet Counselling - Sydney Australia
Visiting Consultant

Massage Your Mind With Robyn Brass Mind Rejuvenation Therapist

Robyn provides visiting consultancies to health resorts to extend the relaxation of the spa environment by pampering the mind as well as the body. She developed the following program whilst consulting at the world's leading spa resort, Chiva Som.

Mind Rejuvenation Therapy is offered in a variety of one hour treatments:

Try this session at the beginning of your spa stay so that you can relax and enjoy the complete experience. Massage your mind by clearing it of the demands of domestic routines, life’s frustrations and difficult relationships. You’ll also find out how to de-stress in every day life.

Mind Over Matter
Often weight problems are the result of bad habits but sometimes the body suffers from not being able to deal with the worries in your life. Learn mind and body confidence and take control of your weight.

Positive Thinking
This series of therapeutic steps will help you to pamper your self-confidence and teach you how to find the positive in all aspects of your life.

Listen & Be Heard
Listening is a complex skill which, if done well, reaps great rewards whether it be at work, with a loved one or simply making new friends. Robyn will give you tips to listening and communicating that will improve all your relationships.

Forgive & Forget
Are you angry about something but can’t get those negative feelings out of your system? Then this is the session for you. It teaches you how to confront, forgive and, most importantly, to move on.

Sexual Healing
There are many issues that can act as a barrier to enjoyable sexual relations. This treatment deals with these and helps you unlock your needs and feelings.

Just For You
Do you have some other problem you wish to discuss? Then simply book a session with Robyn and tailor it to your needs.

Total Control Package
Have a one hour mind massage each day of your stay at the spa to work through your problems and practice a set of positive techniques so you can take control of the rest of your life and find long lasting peace.

Return home physically and mentally refreshed and, should you wish, you can have continuing access to Robyn by email or phone.